Weight Loss and Fitness Benefits Of Aerobics

01aerobicsAerobic exercises have been a buzz for quite some time in the world of health and fitness. With innovative aerobic exercise techniques coming up and music being an interesting part of the sessions, it is wonderful to indulge in this activity to maintain overall fitness and lose weight at the same time. However, there are different forms of aerobics and it is important to learn the meaning and use of these exercise techniques for optimum results.

What are aerobic exercises?

Aerobic exercises are also called cardiovascular exercises that could be a rhythmic activity (using music) or sustained activity, involving the large groups of muscles. These forms of exercises allow the lungs to work faster and harder as your body requires more energy.

Weight loss is an eternal goal of life. Aerobic exercises play a major role in helping us lose weight and stay fit.

Aerobics and Weight Loss

How does aerobics aid weight loss?

Weight can be lost by creating a sudden deficiency in calories; when the body burns more calories than it has consumed, undertaking certain activities that help in burning large amount of calories could be a great accompaniment for a calorie controlled healthy diet to shift unwanted pounds.

For instance, if you jog for 30 minutes, you burn 300 calories approximately. This will contribute substantially in achieving your calorie deficit for losing weight.

Benefits of Aerobics

Aerobics has enormous benefits on the overall health and fitness of our body. It is not only an aid for weight loss, but it also protects the heart against diseases, some cancers and diabetes. There are some aerobic exercises that can help in losing weight as well as maintaining the weight lost. So, you must kick start your aerobics session with the aim to improve your overall health and fitness. Starting off with 30 minutes session per day can be beneficial for health, fitness and weight loss.

Frequency of Aerobics

In order to achieve excellent cardiovascular fitness, it is often recommended to indulge in aerobic exercises thrice a week for 30 minutes excluding warm up and cooling exercises.

The most important thing is to ensure that the lungs and heart are working hard and gaining optimum benefits of these exercises. However, you must not overdo, as it might start having a counter-effect on your health. It is imperative to maintain correct intensity.

Aerobics should be started slowly, and followed by gradual increase in the pace.

It is important to listen to the body. When your muscles are tired, take a break and slow down the session. This will keep you fitter and stronger.

Aqua Aerobics

There are different types of aerobic exercises; aqua aerobics is just one addition. It could be the best exercise option to try out for fitness, health and overall level of wellness. Water aerobics has a low impact on the body, but can give you very high results and benefits.

It helps in increasing your flexibility; it ensures that the joints of your body are least affected as you perform the exercises; it helps in improving the overall balance of your body; costs much lesser than gyms; reduces risk of any type of injury.